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My Story with Asea

So much of your mental health is dependent on how you feel physically. Even if you commit to emotional healing, you may not feel as motivated or as balanced as you desire if your physical health is lacking. I want to share why this product is a key tool for myself, my family, and my clients to use to recover faster, rebuild, and function at our best. It makes EVERYTHING your body does more efficient. 


 When your body's cellular communication is on point, EVERYTHING works better. This means MORE energy, FASTER recovery, a CLEARER brain, SLOWER aging, and so much more!


Our world is very toxic, and our cells and tissues are under constant attack from internal and external forces. In order for us to function at our best, we need to remove the toxicity as much as possible but also have enough REDOX cell-signaling molecules to allow our cells to communicate and try to minimize the damage caused by toxins. We are all born with redox molecules, but as we age, the amount we have goes down. Asea supplies additional redox molecules to help your cells communicate in the way they are designed to. ASEA redox drink allows you to increase the cellular communication throughout your body.


Some people may feel initial benefits immediately, and for some people it can take a couple of months to see the benefits. The key is knowing that even if you don’t feel anything initially, there are still powerful processes happening in your body! And the longer you’re on it, the more your body will benefit.

It’s recommended to take the ASEA redox drink for a minimum of 3 months to feel all the benefits. For me, it took about 6 weeks to feel a big difference.

Asea has been an important part of my healing journey. I went from feeling low energy with brain fog to feeling more energetic with a clear mind within about 6 weeks. I've been using ASEA since November 2022 after a blood smear test revealed some candida and heavy metal issues. 

I underwent ozone therapy in September 2022, but my body still needed some extra help with detoxing and healing, which led me to Asea. Asea is so complimentary to the detox process, allowing the body to heal without adding any foreign substances at all. It had been recommended to me when I visited Dr. Zach Bush's clinic in July of 2019, but I didn't understand the product at that time and wasn't open to learning about it.


It's incredibly reassuring to see that some of the most respected naturopathic doctors use and recommend it (Dr. Zach Bush, Dr. Purkit, Dr. Hilu, Dr. Klinghardt). It’s also highly recommended by Biohacking specialists Angi and Arlynd Fletcher, who have worked with some of the biggest name athletes and actors in the world. Arlynd won’t take on a client unless they are taking ASEA, it is THAT important in helping everything he does with them work better!

What are ASEA Redox Signaling molecules?

 Redox signaling molecules are the communication centers in your cells. They are responsible for sending messages when the body isn’t working properly, is under attack, or just needs help fixing a problem. Reduced redox molecules (due to age), combined with a toxic world and cells that are constantly under attack, and you will feel the effects of aging… You will recover slowly… You won’t feel that life force that gives you deep core energy…


Most people will never feel that DEEP life force energy until they start using ASEA. It’s as if they are in a whole new body. ASEA comes in two forms, liquid and a gel. I drink the liquid twice a day and use the gel on my face and neck to prevent aging. If you are truly committed to improving your health long term, you will need to try it for at least 90 days.

Benefits of Asea

Redox signaling molecules are like the “DNA whisperer.” They signal cells to be healthy. We lose this redox ability as we age due to toxicity, medications, etc. Cell signaling is the most complex communication network between our 75 trillion cells and a breakdown in this means you cannot achieve your full health potential.


In a double-blind placebo study performed by Taueret Laboratories (leading genetic research laboratory), ASEA Redox was shown to activate five important gene signaling pathways up to 31% in eight weeks.



Vascular Health, Innate Immune System Response, Inflammation Reduction, Hormone Modulation, and Digestive Enzyme Production. Oxidative stress is the #1 health risk factor, and Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant. Studies found that redox signaling increases glutathione efficacy up to 800%. It also lowered oxidized LDL and oxidized DNA.

The 3 Ways To Buy ASEA

RETAIL CUSTOMER: Full retail price and no auto-ship required. This is a great option if you are interested in trying the Renu 28 Gel ($50 + shipping + tax). Ordering REDOX drink at retail is $40 per bottle + shipping and tax. One bottle will last a week if you take the full dose. It's not recommend to order just 1 bottle of this though! The standard 4 bottles per month would be $160 + shipping and tax.

PREFERRED CUSTOMER: This is an auto-ship commitment which gives you wholesale pricing, and rewards towards free products. This is the best option if you want to try the ASEA liquid, as it is recommended to take it for at least 3 months. In this time frame there is enough cell turnover to see and feel positive results. The standard dose is 4 bottles per month (2 oz twice per day). You can purchase two bottles of Asea for $70 or 4 for $130 plus shipping and handling.

ASSOCIATE: Auto-ship, wholesale pricing, rewards towards free products, and you'll become part of my team with the ability to share with others and make an income. As an associate you pay a one time fee of $40 and then you have access to wholesale prices and get reward points towards free products when you set up your auto-ship. Pricing is the same as a preferred customer (see above). This option is great for if you want to recommend it to others and reduce your own monthly cost, or even grow your own business. As an associate you would be joining my team and I'm excited to help you spread the word about this product. If you have questions about ASEA or becoming an associate and member of my team, please contact me directly to learn more about the program!

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