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Do you want to feel empowered, motivated, and in control no matter what life throws at you? Are you excited to learn more about yourself? Are you ready for the challenge of personal growth and the feeling of inner peace? Do you want to THRIVE?

Inner Peace Coaching will empower you to:

  • feel more motivated

  • feel in control of your circumstances

  • feel hopeful and excited about the future

  • trust the transitions and changes in life

  • discover your true purpose 

  • take control of your thoughts

  • appreciate personal growth, despite tough situations

  • learn to thrive in the present moment, no matter the circumstances

  • feel truly aware of and connected to your authentic self

With Inner Peace Coaching, we will address the root cause of stuck patterns in your life and help to enable you to feel empowered and in control of your inner peace and happiness, regardless of your circumstances. The process will include exploring the works of Dr. Joe Dispenza and Byron Katie and the practice of Mindfulness, and as well as other resources. You can expect to find clarity and feel significant relief as you make steps toward increased peace and happiness.

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Are you ready to feel close and connected to your partner? Are you excited to learn effective communication that allows collaboration and deep understanding of each other? Do you want to learn how to implement healthy boundaries to protect your inner peace and authenticity while remaining connected to others in your life?

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Relationship Coaching will empower you to:

  • effectively resolve issues in intimate relationships, parental relationships,  friendships and/or co-worker relationships

  • better understand conflict resolution

  • create effective communication patterns

  • connect more deeply in intimate relationships

  • create healthy boundaries in relationships

  • feel in control of yourself internally during moments of conflict

  • increase your compassion for others

  • truly understand the causes of disconnection

  • seek relationships that truly add value to your life and feed your soul

Effective communication allows you to feel seen and heard by your life partner, friend, boss, co-worker, parent and others in your life. Small changes in communication can equal big results!  


With Relationship Coaching, we will address how to improve communication and increase the odds that a true resolution can be reached, allowing you to feel safe and remain connected to close people in your life.

Relationship coaching can be done one-on-one or with your partner.

Each one-on-one online coaching session is 50 minutes and the fee is $175. Weekly sessions are recommended in the beginning to maximize progress. Inner Peace Coaching and Relationship Coaching can be combined in the same session.

Feel free to contact me at 931-637-4657 if you have questions about the online coaching process. I'm happy to do a free consultation (15 minutes) over the phone to allow you to feel more comfortable.