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Do you try to help or change others in order to feel at peace with yourself? Do you sometimes feel out of control and at the mercy of your environment?

Inner Peace Coaching will address:

  • lack of motivation

  • the desire to control circumstances

  • feeling defeated and sometimes hopeless

  • feeling out of control and dependent on changes outside of yourself


  • a tendency to “get stuck in your head”

  • inability to think positively 

  • the root cause of depression and anxiety

  • feeling disconnected from yourself and how to get in touch with your authentic self

With Inner Peace Coaching, we will address the root cause of stuck patterns in your life and help to enable you to feel empowered and in control of your inner peace and happiness, regardless of your circumstances. The process will include exploring the works of Dr. Joe Dispenza and Byron Katie and the practice of Mindfulness, and as well as other resources. You can expect to find clarity in the ways you unknowingly sabotage yourself and feel significant relief as you make steps toward peace and happiness.

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Do you struggle to maintain healthy relationships? Do you long to be able to communicate in an effective way? Are you torn about if you should stay in a relationship? Do you feel taken advantage of by others?

Relationship Coaching will address:

  • issues in intimate relationships, parental relationships,  friendships and/or co-worker relationships

  • difficulty resolving conflict

  • ineffective communication patterns

  • lack of connection in intimate relationships

  • unhealthy boundaries in relationships


  • a tendency to become consumed by the situation when conflict occurs

  • inability to access compassion for others

  • the part that blaming and assumptions play in disconnection

  • feeling confused about whether or not to remain in a relationship

Sometimes simply learning how to approach an issue and use effective communication can make a huge difference in the quality of a relationship, regardless of the type of relationship. Effective communication allows you to feel seen and heard by your life partner, friend, boss, co-worker, parent and others in your life. Small changes in communication can equal big results!  


With Relationship Coaching, we will address how to improve communication and increase the odds that a true resolution can be reached, allowing you to feel safe and connected to close people in your life. The process will include reflecting on the part that you play in the disconnection, as well as creating clarity around what is not working in your current approach. Implementing healthy boundaries for unhealthy relationships may also be addressed.  

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Each one-on-one online coaching session is 50 minutes and the fee is $150. Weekly sessions are recommended in the beginning to maximize progress. Inner Peace Coaching and Relationship Coaching can be combined in the same session.

Feel free to contact me at 931-637-4657 if you have questions about inner peace coaching or relationship coaching. I'm happy to do a free consultation (15 minutes) over the phone to allow you to feel more comfortable with the process.