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Below are links to my favorite health resources. Each product or company is one that I love and highly recommend. I only recommend quality products that I personally use and find helpful and effective. Some links below are affiliate links. 

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Mitigates EMF's, restructures water, improves quality of sleep and emits healing frequencies up to a 100ft radius, reducing the harmful effects of cell phones, 5G and wireless internet.

Use code cmwellness for 10% off

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Advanced TRS Spray uses clinoptilolite zeolite to remove toxins like mercury and lead from your body at a cellular level to reveal your body's full potential. It's also tasteless and easy to use!

My husband Eric has experienced significant improvements in memory since using this product.

Affordable clean skincare and makeup. My favorites are the mascara and eyelash serum!

Use code carriem20 for 20% off

Ultra clean skincare and makeup. My favorites are the Overnight Resurfacing Peel, Skin Twin, and CounterSun Mineral Sunscreen.

I've been using these products for YEARS and I'm very familiar with them - feel free to contact me for recommendations!


Natural plant-based ionic minerals that help you feel great everyday. Supports stamina and energy, promotes rejuvenation, works as a binder to remove toxins.

Use code CARRIEM10 for 10% off

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