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Did you know there is mounting evidence that shows group therapy could be even more beneficial than individual therapy?


With more and more people working from home and limiting their social contact, we've been neglecting the human need for social interaction and healthy connection. This online group is a way to help you get the support and community that you may be missing!

Gaining control of your inner world may be one of the most life changing skills you could ever learn.

I'm excited to lead you down a path of understanding your mind in a different way, inviting you to ignite your curiosity and open yourself up to seeing life in a completely new light. This shift will allow you to become more connected to your authentic self, empowering you to BE YOU and attract who and what is truly meant for you in your life. 

This group will connect women who are looking for something REAL in their lives, something with depth and richness, something that we all crave but often don't know how to get. The goal is to share tools for healthy mindset and empowerment while encouraging the practice of vulnerability and authenticity, two things necessary to feel whole and nourished in life. This will be a safe space to bond with other women and create relationships that allow us to unfold in a completely natural and authentic way, while learning more about the blocks that hold us back.

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This educational and interactive group will help you:


  • learn about your authentic self and how to show up as your best self

  • see life in a more balanced way by getting in touch with both the emotional and logical parts of your mind, creating wisdom and reducing anxiety

  • work to create awareness of how you conceptualize and respond to fear and worry

  • develop intention for the choices you make in life, instead of being stuck on autopilot

  • address stuck patterns in your life and gain clarity on how to move forward physically and energetically

  • welcome "problems" in life, seeing them instead as challenges and opportunities for personal growth

To ensure personal interaction, each group is limited to 12 spots, so register today!

Date: Tuesdays at 10am CST

Time: 1 hour, 4 sessions per month for a total of 4 hours

Cost: $175 monthly subscription (less than the cost of 1 individual therapy session!)

Online group begins on Tuesday, January 9th, 2024.

This is an OPEN GROUP, meaning you can sign up and join anytime before or after the launch dates.

If you're interested in attending but the day/time doesn't work for you, please email carriebmichael@gmail with suggestions for a day/time that may be more accommodating. more options will be added and feedback is helpful!

Sign up here

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