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After 10 years of eating a whole food plant based diet, I reversed my health problems, lost over 30 pounds, increased my energy and stamina, and finally found peace with food.  Because of the enormous impact this lifestyle change has had on my life, I was determined to find a way to spread the word. After completing my Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate at eCornell, I am able to offer nutritional resources to clients who are interested. I'm not a nutritionist, but I can resource you with the mountain of science that shows the benefits of a plant based diet.

What is a whole foods plant-based diet?

A WFPB diet includes a variety of delicious plant-based foods such as potatoes, rice, beans, pasta, fruit, and vegetables, and excludes the consumption of all animal products and processed foods, which have been shown to be the cause of a vast majority of health problems.

Do I have to be 100% plant-based to be healthy?

Of course not! The more you replace processed food with whole food, the more benefits you'll see. If you want to be 100% plant-based, that's great, but I find that most people prefer to ease into a healthier lifestyle without making a dramatic change overnight. 

I need to lose weight.  Is a WFPB diet the right fit for me?

Absolutely.  I have lost over 30 pounds effortlessly with this lifestyle.  With whole plant foods, calorie restriction is a thing of the past. You can eat as much as you desire - never go hungry - and still lose weight. Your cravings for unhealthy foods will slowly disappear, and you'll find yourself feeling at peace with food, in a way that's not possible with other weight loss plans.

What specific benefits did you experience with the incorporation of a plant-based diet?

My ADD completely disappeared, and I was able to stop taking the medication I had been on for over 20 years! My attention span is better than it has ever been. My digestive problems were eliminated, along with my chronic fatigue and hypothyroidism.  My skin has completely cleared up, and I no longer struggle with acne and hyper pigmentation (melasma).  Strange enough, my personality has changed.  I'm more peaceful and patient, less anxious, and more comfortable in my own skin. My favorite benefit is my renewed relationship with food. I only crave healthy food now - I don't require cheat meals or splurges, and it's effortless to stay on track. I used to feel so out of control with baked goods and chocolate, and now I feel in control. Weight loss is simply another side effect; I've reached a slim weight with minimal exercise and without calorie restriction.

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