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As someone who had tried therapy twice before, I didn't think therapy was a good fit for me. I was struggling with a recent death, dating toxic men, denying childhood abuse I'd endured, and had recurring thoughts of ending my life. During my intake session with Carrie, I told her that if I was alive in six weeks then therapy was working. What a daunting and burdensome statement for someone to have to carry! Without a moment of hesitancy and with the greatest compassion, diligence, and care, Carrie waded into the 'dark places' of my mind and helped me see that there was a different reality waiting for me if I worked through my past trauma. Just when I thought my life was over, she believed in me and had hope for my future - one that I couldn't yet see. Never once did Carrie make me feel guilty, ashamed, or embarrassed of my story or the decisions I made while mending my life back together. Within six months I was no longer drinking, abusing prescription medications, cutting, or having suicidal thoughts. It's been two years since I started therapy and I am living the most redemptive, transformed life. I am back in school pursuing my masters degree, enjoying a fulfilling relationship with a man I never would have been drawn to before therapy, and am living a truly satisfying life that I never thought would be tangible for me. I know therapy requires clients to show up and do the work, and I certainly did, but a part of me will always credit Carrie for saving my life. Therapy works!  - Lauren

My husband and I started seeing Carrie to help us get over a hump and then I saw her individually. She helped me and my husband so much. Gave us tools and a thought process that we use to this day. I can’t say enough about how she helped me individually. She has a great ability to connect and understand. I don’t mind sharing in hopes that it will help someone else. As a child I had a traumatic event happen and then a huge issue in adulthood. I have been to counselors for over 15 years and never ever found a resolution. I just felt a little better just to talk to someone. But that was the extent of it. I didn’t know that there was more to therapy than that. Until I met Carrie. I used the EMDR therapy, which made all the difference in my therapy. This changed my life. I recommend Carrie every chance I get because I found a resolution and it didn’t take years. You don’t run across someone that often with her insight and valuable guidance. It’s just a different experience. I will always highly recommend Carrie.  -T.C.

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